Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sole "Truth" at TEAm Lipton race Camp!

Craig Upton, well known as "Smiley" doing what he does best! Craig was on hand at the TEAm Lipton race camp providing the the number one "Women's Pro Cycling TEAm Lipton" "Truth in Comfort & Performance",and to ensure they each get the most out of their game.

Its the things that you don't see that make the difference. If you stack your bones for their best movements, knowing you have the best solution for your bike, then you custom fit the Sole footbed to that blue-print, power comes!

Maybe that is why TEAm Lipton is the #1 TEAm, they listen? Racer's will not use anything that doesn't improve their game. Just ask World Champion Kristin Armstrong!

Sole insoles are the best insoles you will ever own! They provide the best biofeedback for the pedal stroke. They even guarantee your satisfied, or return them w/in 90 days for a refund.

What's in your game?

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