Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flavia Oliveira AKA "Popcorn" does well at Brazilian National Championships!

WN started working with Flavia Oliveira when she came to Idaho to race the 2012 Exergy Tour.
She decided to allow WN to do her bike fitting and teach her the many pedaling styles!

At only 95 pounds, standing on her tip toes up to 5'3", I started naming her "Popcorn".  
Knowing Flavia is from Brazil and knowing popcorn was 1st discovered thousands of years ago by the people living in what is now Peru, I started teaching her how to use her natural resources.

 Popcorn expands from a small kernel and puffs up when heated!
I like popcorn, and I don't put butter on it!

Proof in Flavia is not in the pudding, it's in Flavia's pop!

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