Thursday, February 14, 2013

Matt Perkins uses only WN for 7 reasons. He has gone to Worlds 7 times, 5 WN, and on the podium 7 times! Matt is also Paratriathlon Athlete of the Year!

The ITU circuit use to be Olympic distance, which is longer, to the sprint distance. The reason for the change is the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.

So after 7 years, the competition has gone up! Who knows why, but we suspect the wars?  Matt is a little older now,  just got married and runs a  business!  As Matt will put it, time to train is key, and he has a lot on the table.

He is motivated,  even this being his 4th Athlete of the Year! As a former USA Paralympian in alpine skiing, Matt quickly bonded to my understanding of motions.  No question, when you make a living from your feet, or in Matts case foot, you learn a thing or two.  Note how many top pro cyclists come from some form of snow skiing. To be great in that sport, you have to care about the smallest of %!
Precision is the name of the game.  But also in that industry, we saw a lot of misleading sizzle!  What you see in retail is not what is being used or even the way you think on the slopes.

Matt also owns Coyote Design, a prosthetic design and manufacturing firm, plus part owner of Boise Prosthetics, an orthotic /prosthetic patient care facility.  He was awarded a Blue Ribbon for small business.

Matt is one of the fastest guys on earth, he will participating in several World Cup races in 2013, locations of which have yet to be determined.  Matt points out how super support systems are key.

That's why a 5 time World Champion,  7 times on the World Podium athlete uses WN Precision.

When you are a above-knee amputee, you don't "want to screw"around with marketing sizzle!
You only have one leg and you want to make sure you get the most of it!

Matt Perkins - WN Fast!

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