Saturday, January 05, 2013

2013 Amanda Carey VW Boise "Thrilled"

Elite Women’s Results:

2013 New Year's Resolution - Day 1 - Women

1Elle AndersonLadies First36:16:00
2Amanda CareyVW Boise/WN36:29:00
3Mackenzie WoodringEinstein Racing36:36:00
4Arley KemmererCharm City Cycling Llc36:56
5Corey Coogan CisekCyclocrossracing.com37:16:00
6Anna DingmanReal Wheels37:30:00
7Katherine ShieldsMock Orange Racing38:02:00
8Emily ShieldsMock Orange Racing38:13:00
9Corrie OsborneTeam Extreme38:18:00
10Rebecca BlattVan Dessel Factory Team38:18:00
2nd place Amanda Carey was thrilled with her finish, especially since, as she told us, “I haven’t been on a bike for three weeks.” She explained, though, that she had been on her skis for most of her “winter break,” so the frigid conditions and snowy course worked to her advantage. 

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