Thursday, September 06, 2012

Persistance! Sticking to the skills, knowing the minute makes a difference if you want to be Nat. Champ!

For too long e.g. perhaps 20 years, the trend was seeking an advantage by doping. If I don't dope, I will not have the motor to race the other guy who is! Perhaps now, with the many coming cleaner in a sport of many a black eye, the bike setup details will be better seen.

In a sport of micro-secs, if you don't have bike right, kicking in the mental skills, meaning know how to make crucial moves, make more power, it will be noted.

It is possible, from a skill level to put harder efforts in training, improving the power of the pedal stroke, even in the events, recover in a sport where mathematics separate WN'ners from 2nd place. Crucial movements, in a sport that is of a exacting nature where the smallest % difference in one's ability and how they think can be the difference. More today than ever!

Again, the past 20 years the edge came from blood work. Finding ways to increase V02max %, or increase the submax % to put forth a wining move later in the race. In the exacting nature of cycling, sadly doping methods took root, VO2 professionals playing a role in seeking an advantage! You hear of the racer, rare is it to hear the name of the VO2 pro?

In my business, there is always a new kid on the block, always looking for ways to improve. In sports, like skiing, it was he person who just got their full cert in something that's going to set the woods on fire simply due to their personality. Many just burn out as quickly as they spent in an attempt to learn what they didn't know! Next!

If you are a real pro, you do it for a living. Just like many sport retail stores, someone obtains a passion on the subject, they have always wanted to do this, besides they have about 20 friends and or a club or a team they think will support them? Truth, about 1,000 stores open and 1,000 are closing, w/in no time. Next...

The Rolling Stones - you can't always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you might get what you need!

So its great to see people who stick to what they want like Sam - 2012 Nat. TT Champ!

Like in anything in life of worth, there is a lot of effort put forth, a lot of learning, a lot of years of sweat. I can't think of anyone who has worked harder, sweated more, putting unreal time on indoor trainers!

All that effort is what makes the success rewarding. I'm not shocked to see success from the likes of the J. Bishop NUE east, Alex Grant P2P, Amanda Carey P2P, Tim Bulter and the Sam Krieg's of the game.

They have done their homework. We are just pleased that so many of these names have been in our data banks at one time or the other.

Success comes to those who care!

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