Monday, May 21, 2012

Amanda Carey seals Syllamo's Revenge - National Ultra Endurance Series #2

Amanda is back on course after missing out on the 1st NUE, in TN, due to the flu, she took 2nd. This is not easy to race 100 miles of mtb. If any thing is off, it will cost you!

Amanda Carey got back to her WN'ing ways and even after multi flats, extreme heat, put huge time into the field.

Amanda Carey was here in Boise just a week ago to get the bikes right and they are. She raced some fast ladies, even world champs and put over 1/2 hour into them. Funny, how the little things make such a huge difference!

Syllamo's Revenge NUE 2012 Champ

Congrats Amanda

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