Monday, December 05, 2011

Ask Eddie O'Dea if pedal stroke focus makes a difference.

Eddie not only performs WN fits in GA., he also makes time and races. He knows first hand what can make a difference in the cycling game. A WN fitter sees everyone improve after a precise fit and a little instruction.

Eddie just took his state championships in GA, in single speed X-Cross. The fact, when you have your mind on the things that make a difference you get results.

What's more important, is a WN precise fit and pedal instruction is not just for the top dog, it helps improve the gal or guy e.g. golf swing. It is not uncommon to see a eye-poping (50 to 100 watts) out of someone. Now that makes a difference over time for anyone. Not all fits do this!

Eddie also just had one of his customers make it on the Olympic Long Team list for 2012 MTB. Her name is Kristin Park should you care to look her up. He has put forth some great performances.

It's very hard to know what truth is today!!! There are many fits that are only eyeing it. They don't have a 3D software that measures everything in your body. The truth, if we can get someone to get a WN fit, listen to what we have learned about pedal styles, they can take their game to another level. We have done this for many years now and with the best in the game. Note our world, national, state and local results and you make the decision.

What's improvement worth? You can spend a lot of money on the gear, but it's still the human who works the tool!

Congrats Eddie O'Dea & Kristin Park!

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