Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Pua Mata WN's Breck Firecracker 50

Pua Mata and Colin Cares won the appropriately named Firecracker 50 on the Fourth of July in Breckenridge, Colorado.

For Mata, the 54-mile race followed only a matter of days after her top-10 finish at the mountain bike marathon world championships in Italy.

The win is Mata’s second in USA Cycling’s inaugural four-round Pro Ultra Endurance Tour. The Firecracker 50 is the second race in the series, which Mata leads after winning the Spa City 6 Hour in March.

“I actually didn’t feel really good out there,” Mata said. “I think the wear and tear of the trip and preparation for World’s caught up with me, plus the elevation up here is really high. I’m just really happy to get another win. Jenny and the girls rode really strong…” She still took the WN by 20 min over 2nd, good thing she didn't feel great!

This season, there is no question, Pua Mata & Amanda Carey are two of the fastest gals on dirt and they both use WN solutions. You don't have to be good, but if you want to step up to their level, you best learn the best pedal strokes. They both work on their game and it shows.

The next race in the Pro UET is the Galena Grinder on July 23 in Idaho followed by the Hampshire 100 in Greenfield, New Hampshire on Aug. 21.

1Pua Mata4:29:59
2Jennifer Smith0:19:02
3Kelly Boniface0:22:07
4Jennifer Gersbach0:25:15
5Sonya Bugbee1:00:19
6Jennifer Tilley1:12:44
7Sarah Rawley

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