Thursday, July 08, 2010

Georgia Gould (WN Luna) Race Favorite US Pro XCT

US Pro XCT series wraps up this weekend in Colorado Springs

Georgia Gould (WN Luna Pro Team) is considered the race favorite since she is undefeated since winning the Sea Otter Classic in May.

She has what should be an insurmountable lead of 115 points for the series title that will be held around 4pm, what is viewed as a late start.

Don't think for a second that Georgia will just camp out with her points, they have team points to think about. She will be in full effort as she pushes it to the limits! That is the way Georgia races "full speed ahead" and I am not talking about FSA!

Start times are late in the afternoon. Gould "I don't mind the late start times - maybe it will mean cooler temps and more spectators? It will be interesting to see."

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