Monday, May 17, 2010

Dirt, Sweat & Gears - "ID & WY" Gals Do Well!

Despite the apparent simplicity of the movements, pedaling must be learned. That doesn't mean you should be force into some style, trying to imitate some champion's technique.

Note 1st place time vs. 2nd!

1 hour, 14 min., 14 sec!

You gain a lot, going beyond "instinct."

Class Solo Pro Open Female
16Amanda Carey (WN)1010:39:21.466
2142Selene Yeager1011:53:35.4661:14:14.0001:03:14.25379.583
333Jill Damman (WN)911:29:22.9951 Lap1:03:03.28279.611

You could say that Amanda Carey and Jill Damman live in the same place. They on different sides of the "The Grand Tenton" and both use our services to pedal faster.

Amanda is a pro and it is Jill's quest to become one. Looks like she is on her way!

This is not a false claim, this is the fact with their results.

The fastest folks in the game come to us to learn!

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