Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What? Muscles on like lights in a room?

Most people vary in the shape and size of their morphology. That includes their volume! Meaning their positions in all sports are going to have different styles. This is really true for the many situations of cycling i.e. road, mtb, tt, tri, track, etc...

In other words! A road bike fit is not the best for mtb, tt, tri, track, etc...

Things might seem immobile but they are very dynamic under the skin i.e. pressures are being transferred to the handlebars, saddle, feet.

Muscles regulate the tension according to the changing situations! Tracking two intersecting lines will not tell you the tone of the muscles.

Muscles are like lights that are turned on in a room! If they are on they burn energy! The trick is to get them to turn on/off as needed. By the way, they burn when they are stretch!

To run! Press the arrow!

A cyclist can only achieve optimum efficiency if their bike is perfectly adapted to their build!

That means you can't expect everyone to have the same moves!

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