Sunday, October 25, 2009

USGP #3 & #4 in Louisville, Kentucky in the mud!

The USGP series made its third stop in Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday. With record crowds in attendance and some seriously heavy mud on the course, Katerina Nash and Ryan Trebon raced to victory and into the Series Leaders’ Jerseys at Day One of the USGP Derby City Cup.

On the next day #4:

Katerina Nash dominates Derby City, Luna almost pulled a podium sweep!

  • 1. Katerina Nash, Luna
  • 2. Amy Dombroski, Richard Sachs-RGM Watches-Radix
  • 3. Alison Dunlap, Luna
  • 4. Georgia Gould, Luna
  • 5. Alison Sydor, Maxxis-Rocky Mountain
  • 6. Susan Butler, Monavie-Cannondale

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