Monday, February 11, 2008

What's it like in Idaho to ride this time of year?

Many wonder what's it like to ride in Idaho this time of the year!

As you can see, its very white! Best have some sunglasses!

Good thing the snow melted a little to find the way home!

The sign shows how far Boise, ID is from this point!

This might be the best way to get there! Cars get stuck or get hit by snow slides! Road bikes "well"?

As you can see, the locals have a hard time.

Just up the road was the remains of a kill, made by a mt. lion!

So where is one to train?

Note that Jenn is really focused and works as hard as anyone! She is using Dartfish to refine her game. Here she is working on how to address the bike indoors! She is also using Dartfish outside!

While outside, using the Dartfish to review the real world needs of cycling can provide some very real facts about one's game!

We are working with people on the road, outside, as man must learn a different posture and discover that it's not just the feet but the saddle and the handlebars that support the effort.
Even while using Dartfish, one might seem to be immobile, but the trunk, spine, and arms make a dynamic system. The muscles regulate the tension according to the changing situations.

At this time, we must point out that the Dartfish is a very powerful tool, we can follow and capture the moves of all. We had a rider that we were working with, using the Dartfish on a local ride. We then captured local star by chance and followed her until she reached the others.
With that, some don't wish to have their angles reviewed by the world (rightly so!) and want their moves treated as strictly confidential.

We respect that wish! We will not analyze a position to be placed on our blog or without their written agreement to do so! Again, we understand how powerful this tool is and how it could divulge, disclose information that is proprietary to their performance.

In modern cycling there is an increased need to monitor and measure performances. This is certainly the case with Dartfish. These tools will provide feedback that can be used for later analysis. This holds true when we are out using the Dartfish on the cyclists when others ride into view.

If someone jumps into the view of the Dartfish, they then become subject to the power of Dartfish. This happen this past weekend! So we would like to report the facts!

1) We always take 100% responsibility for any activity we are involved in.

With that, we are learning how to use Dartfish outside and how to respect others! It is also our focus to never gossip and never get in the middle of communications between other people.

2) We also go to the source of anything that makes us uncomfortable.

3) Anyone can go out and flim racers, races, training rides, etc... But they might not have the Dartfish and know what they are looking at!

It seems that the blog with good intentions to show people riding in Idaho this time of year using the Dartfish was sent to Kristin by someone who can gossip "email" style? We wonder if they are even in her camp, as she is there to race, not have someone reviewing our blog, sending her (their concerns) about her being on the blog?

With all respect to Kristin Armstrong, we removed her Dartfish pics from the blog. The last thing we intented to do is to divulge, disclose the confidentiality in any manner, either directly or indirectly her pedal stroke without her consent!

The point of all this is in the our world of high-performance cycling we have some very powerful tools and those tools need confidentiality! The Dartfish is so revealing it can be utilized to one's methods and methodologies. That can adversely affect the livelihood of a World Champion!

Kristin is our friend and has been from the days of being on web cast on the Daily Peloton, where gossip and under minded people impacted her also. She has our highest respect!

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