Monday, September 24, 2007

Georgia Gould 4th, the best from the US in Pekin, China!

Olympic Mountain Bike Testing Event

The difference is in the details... we don't fit you at a glance, just using our eyes and guesswork. We don't use videos, placing markers on you body to track your movement. "NAUGHT". Your skin moves, so how detailed can that be?

Our software makes a difference and we can back it up with all the results, even winning the World games. Check out our history of success. Our solution is custom-fitted to suit your dimensions, not someone else's!

Georgia has followed her own road. She is still transforming to become one of the best in the mountain bike games. She is chipping away track time towards her quest of placing well in the 2008 Games in China. Given all the mass marketing ideas on how a bike should be setup, she has "sanctuary" and trust in our solutions. She is the only USA racer who placed well all season at the World Cup. Not your local bike races.

As you might suspect, with so many top racers using our systems, we have had a few pro's who did not stick to their fit. Someone else (factory, coach, etc...) had a better idea. These racers are always looking for an edge, for more, or they just go by their feel from race to race. Then we have seen them return to their Wobble-Naught fit and become World Champions! We can nail down the correct fit no matter how many bikes you have, allowing you to take it to the world. The results tell all! A wrong idea may become the end of your chance to race the World Cup, so why guess? It's Your choice.

At each event worldwide, Georgia has her "peace of mind", knowing the benefit of her Wobble-Naught CAD solution and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish. When you see the truth, you stop all the "voodoo". This has been Georgia's best season ever. She knows what to do and what works best for her.

There is a lot of hype, so be careful what you hear. We are the real deal, not some mass marketing fit idea, and we will show you what's in your game!

Laoshan/P├ękin, China, September 22, 2007

Results for Elite women:

1. Ying Liu (Chn) 1.45.00
2. Sabine Spitz (Ged) 1.25
3. Lene Beyberg (Nor) 1.35
4. Georgia Gould (USA) 2.40 Wobble-naught and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish

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