Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kristin Armstrong Wins World TT Championships!!!



Two Americans on the Podium for the First Time in History.

Salzburg, Austria (September 20, 2006)--Kristin Armstrong (Boise, Idaho/TEAm
Lipton) became the third elite women's time trial world champion in American history Wednesday with a win in the 16.23-mile race.

Armstrong joins 1994 winner Karen Kurreck and 2000 world champion Mari Holden as the only elite women's world time trial champions for the United States since the discipline was added to the world championship program in 1994.

Armstrong beat two-time defending champion Karen Thurig of Switzerland by 25.57 seconds.
Christine Thorburn (Menlo Park, Calif./Webcor-Platinum) earned the second medal for the United States in today's competition, riding to a bronze behind Thurig. It was the first time two Americans have been on the podium in the same year in an elite women's tt.

We have a small number of riders who hit the road early before work many times per week. We are lucky to get the chance to ride w/good friends, including time riding w/ Kristin in the Boise area. It has been fun to watch her build up to this huge success. It makes it even more rewarding to know that she is down to earth. She is a credit to the sport.

When you ride w/ her you can see that she has the motor, plus the mental power to reach her dreams. "Dreams do come ture," w/ hard work!!!

Kristin had to get some new footbeds just before she left for Europe a few weeks ago. It seems that she had lost her shoes & footbeds. There was concern about the new Sole footbed working?
I guess they worked just fine!

I also spoke to Richard Sawiris today about her win who owns We got Richard build the wheels for Kristin and the TEAm Lipton gals. He also built the wheels for Floyd Landis. Nothing but the best!
Congrats to Kristin, her efforts, TEAm Lipton gals for a "dream come true season." World TT Champion? Now that's cool!

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